The Labor Party has this week finally made the decision to extinguish the flame that burns inside them.

Fuelled by a historic tenacity and grit pioneered by early contestants like Ben Chifley, Gough Whitlam and Julia Gillard, the Labor Party has decided to put out the flame that drives them in the arena of politics.

The decision was made by Jim Chalmers and his team before they released this year’s budget.

Proudly branding themselves as the party of the working class and ordinary Australian, Chalmers and Co released a budget that hand-balled 10s of billions to energy companies they refuse to regulate, the military industrial complex they refuse to question and property investors they refuse to tax.

The interesting financial plan comes just a few years after Jim Chalmers gave the Light On The Hill Address, titled Leave Nobody Behind, Hold Nobody Back – which is soon to be updated Leave No Resources Company Behind, Hold No Property Investor Back.

The Light On The Hill Address is a speech that aims to honour the contribution Ben Chifley made to Australia in the 1940s, including things like The Snowy Mountains Scheme, reforming Australia’s social security system, advancing gender equality in the workforce, nationalising things like Qantas and establishing the Commonwealth Bank, just to name a few.

Amongst other things Chifley was famous for a speech about a light on the hill, that many see as one of the guiding principles for the Labor party – an ideal about growing the nation and ensuring that everyone is represented and looked after.

While many from the party have strived to follow in his foot steps, Chalmers confirmed to The Advocate that he’s only interested in playing lip-service to those ideals. As he said a few years ago during his address:

We all have our Light on the Hill. Ours is mobility in all its forms: social; economic; intergenerational. A forward-looking society, an outward-facing country, powered by an upward-climbing economy.

Renewing, refreshing, and recharging the Light on the Hill for new generations by building an Australia which leaves nobody behind, which holds nobody back, and which is ready for and resilient to the challenges that lie ahead.

Speaking briefly to The Advocate this morning, Chalmers said told us that handing over money to billionaires to cash in on things like our precious minerals and green hydrogen is the path forward.

“Hoping that the free-market will fix the housing crisis us politicians created is the type of policy that we call nation building,” said Chalmers.

“It’s the style of politics that Hawke and Keating pioneered and I am following bravely in their footsteps.”

“That’s my light on the hill.”

More to come.


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