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One of the 20 barristers working on the most expensive family feud in the nation’s history has reminded the Advocate that while our beloved Gina Rinehart was born into a wealthy mining dynasty, so were her enemies, and they’re mean-spirited vultures out to get her.

Barrister Gregorious Quilley, SC, is, of course, referring to the suspect woman called Angela Bennett – if that is her real name – the mining heiress who is trying to steal billions in royalties from our humble heroine, Princess Gina.

The Advocate had to inquire of Quilley his view on whether it was perhaps a bit tone-deaf for a family of mining billionaires to squabble over billions in emission-intensive iron ore mining rights and royalties right now, given the cost of living crisis and that other pesky issue – oh, what’s it called again – that’s right, the ongoing global climate catastrophe caused by the never-ending release of CO2 emissions from activities just like iron ore mining.

“Now’s not the time to talk about billions in iron ore royalties,” the Silk said.

“All we ask of Australia is that it sends its thoughts and prayers to the brave woman at the centre of all this.”

“And as for the so-called climate catastrophe,” the Silk continued breezily, “our sweet Lady Gina has never acknowledged the science on that. In fact, she’s only ever worked to sow fear and doubt about it,” he said, unintentionally proving that Gina operates in the same way the Devil does when it comes to addressing climate change.

This sickening family feud has left the nation reeling in horror at the thought of someone trying to attack our beloved, unofficial Australian Princess.

And with 20 barristers working on the months-long trial, court fees are adding up. To help cover costs, the Rinehart Foundation has opened a GoFundMe page to allow Gina’s fans the opportunity to help fund their hero’s fight.

The Advocate has already made a sizable donation. However, every Aussie needs to do their part. Chip in whatever you can spare.

We send our thoughts and prayers to Gina and her family in this difficult time. Well, to those family members who she’s not in any legal proceedings against. Which isn’t many, it turns out.


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