Being the wildly successful finance guru that I am, a lot of poor people have told me that sometimes my advice can come across as being ‘out of touch’ or ‘tone deaf’.

In fact, it’s the most common topic raised in letters I receive from my readers.

Well, dear readers, rest assured that I have heard you. And that is why I’ve based this column around something that everyone can relate to; going on a six-month luxurious overseas holiday.

Yes, the humble holiday is Australia’s favourite pastime. Whether it be to your local Caribbean tax-haven or your simple Tuscan sojourn, we Betootanese love a good trip away.

The problem is though, six months away is not as relaxing as it used to be, am I right?

It’s good to know you agree with me. But why is it that so many of us average Australians on the average wage feel this way about our six-month residences in the Seychelles, Monaco or Dubai?

Is it because we’ve forgotten how to relax? How to stop and appreciate the finer things in life? Or is it something else entirely? Something we could never even guess at, like a reptilian race of space-faring aliens secretly manipulating our ability to enjoy a holiday properly. I suppose it could be something like that, you’re right.

One thing for certain, though, is that as adults we often feel stressed as we try to meet all the demands of our daily lives. Never-ending stressors like working full-time (something I don’t do) or raising one’s own kids (I have a Nanny for that), these are burdens we all share (by ‘we’ I mean ‘you’, the middle-class).

Add to this the obligations of having our assistants organise a 190-day trip away for us, and the disruption to our daily life-flow can make what was once a joyful experience a burdensome one.

But that is why I am writing this relatable advice column. I am here to tell you that you need not let your daily stressors get in the way of you enjoying your next six- month luxurious overseas holiday.

Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy the yachting, the Michelin-starred restaurants, and the 5 star resorts.

I promise that if you give in to the luxury of your next six months away, you will start to feel more relaxed. I promise.


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