In a story as old as time, Hollywood star Timothée Chalamet has seen a slump in his basketball game that can only be related to the well publicised romantic developments in personal life.

This follows the news that the billionaire LA socialite Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet may be dating.

A source close to The Kardashians star, 25, tells the Betoota Advocate that she and the Academy Award nominee “are hanging out and getting to know each other” – after rumours of their relationship began circulating when the two appeared together at a Beyonce concert.

While the tabloid rumour mill searches far and wide for confirmation of this celebrity coupling, they need to look no further than Chalamet’s concerning slump in form on the basketball court.

It appears that the Hollywood star is indeed suffering from the infamous ‘Kardashian curse’.

The Kardashian Curse is a term is used to describe bad luck or hard times that sports stars end up experiencing from the moment they are romantically linked to a Jenner or Kardashian.

When it comes to NBA athletes who have dated either Kardashians or Jenners (nearly all of whom were active in the league when their respective relationships began), there is a decent sample size of measurable, empirical on-court performances that prove the curse’s existence. From injuries, to slumps in form, to mental and legal issues – the list of athletes that have been cursed by this family is long.

At 5 ft 8 and an offensive edge with fundamentals and drawbacks, Chalamet is seeing a career low when it comes to points per game.

Points per game, often abbreviated PPG, is the average number of points scored by a player per game played in a sport, over the course of a series of games, a whole season, or a career. It is calculated by dividing the total number of points by number of games.

As a prolific streetballer, Chalamet once boasted a PPG of 98.1 on the asphalt. However, these numbers have cooled dramatically ever since his was photographed with Kylie Jenner earlier this week, with the most recent estimation indicated a drop of nearly half.

It is not known what is next for the Hollywood star, with many friends and family fearing he might descend into anti-semitic rants on Instagram, or worse, releasing a line of cosmetics.


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