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A Betoota Heights man has expressed concern that he would either be committed to a psychiatric ward or face imprisonment if Meta AI ever disclosed his image generation requests to the authorities.

The man, who prefers to remain anonymous, has been utilising Meta AI’s image generation capabilities for various personal and creative projects. Mostly to roast his boys on WhatsApp groupchat messages. However, he is apprehensive about the potential consequences if his requests were reported to law enforcement.

“I’ve been using Meta AI to create digital art and design visuals for my ‘projects’,” the man explained. “But some of the images I request could be misinterpreted or taken out of context. Such as one where, we have this mate that looks like a young Derryn Hinch. So I asked Meta to make me an image of ‘young Derryn Hinch trying to achieve full autofellatio’ but it said no.”

He added, “If Meta AI ever shared this information with authorities, they might think I have malicious intentions, pose a threat or be suffering some sort of anti-social mental episode, which could lead to serious legal repercussions.”

The man highlighted the importance of privacy and confidentiality in AI-powered services, emphasising the need for robust safeguards to prevent misuse or mishandling of user data.

“I trust Meta AI to protect my privacy and handle my requests responsibly,” he said. “But the thought of facing legal trouble because of harmless image generation is unsettling. They’re just jokes, I don’t want to see ‘Dutch people suffering’, it’s just that our mate is Dutch,”

“Nor do I want to see chimps in swimsuits wrestling in a pit of jelly. Hopefully the robot artist in my phone understands this.”

More to come.


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