In a surprising announcement, a high-profile young family of welfare recipients have decided they would rather not be such a burden on the tax-payer.

Harry Windsor and his wife Meghan have announced they plan to “step back” from their social security payments and work to become financially independent.

Like any high-profile and volatile small-town couples with checkered pasts, the pair share a personal social media account, which they used today to confirm their plans to no longer live with Harry’s dad and grandma, and instead split their time between where her family is from and where his family is from.

The couple have also made it very clear that they are sick of people not minding their own business, which has played a big part in their decision to no longer be paid by the Commonwealth to do nothing.

In a bizarre turn of events, it seems the old girls in hairdressers who read a lot of magazines are furious with this decision, with many willing to pay as much tax as they have to in an effort to keep darling Harry and his little on Archie in their life.

Like a true public housing social media drama, Meghan has been described as a ‘toxic’ and ‘a wrecker’ for the part she has played in their shared decision to be normal people.


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