The Trump Administration have today dismissed the bombshell revelations that the President has evaded federal income taxes for the better part of two decades, arguing that the radical left don’t even understand how business works.

Yesterday, The New York Times today revealed that President Trump paid just US$750 in federal income taxes in 2016, the year he won the presidency, and in 2017, his first year in office.

He also paid no tax for 10 of the 15 years before that.

These new accusations of tax fraud threaten his appeal amongst blue-collar voters and have been exploited by his political rival Joe Biden on the eve of the first presidential debate.

In a country where universal healthcare is written off as communism because taxes should be spent on building roads not fixing someone else’s medical problems, the idea of a self-proclaimed billionaire paying less tax than a public nurse is not a good look for someone who claims to defend the working class against the Wall Street elite.

However, a spokesman for the Trump Administration says that you’d be surprised at what you can get for $750 nowadays, and only the radical far-left ANTIFA-affiliated media puppeteers from the Biden campaign could be so out of touch that they think $750 isn’t that much money.

“The US Government has the greatest military in the world” read the White House statement.

“And thanks to our generous president, they have now been able to add a 2000 Ford Falcon LPG ex-taxi sedan to their fleet of road vehicles and aircrafts”

“Obviously it has a fair few ks on it but those things run forever”

“So we think they have given it to a few Syrian translators to cut around Damascus”

“It’ll probably end up being used against us one of these days when the Daesh take back over”

“But still, not bad value for 750 clams.

“And without our President’s tax contributions, there’d be one less ex-cab Falcon getting around Syria”


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