Local influencer Ashley Stein is spending yet another weekend in Vanuatu, courtesy of her much older boyfriend, Adam.

The twenty-two-year-old has kept her followers up to date with her every move, which has so far included a day spent lounging about in a tiny bikini and drinking colourful cocktails by the ocean.

Though these images look exactly the same as her life back in Sydney, Ashley has made sure to caption her latest picture ‘a much-needed break.’

“So sad to leave Lulu at home but this was a much-needed break,” wrote Ashley, referring to her Blue Frenchie, “I feel so blessed.”

“It feels so good to do nothing all day.”

With her nondescript boyfriend in tow, Ashley has taken full advantage of Vanuatu’s rich culture by spending every minute in a five-star resort.

She has occasionally ventured to the odd restaurant or bar, but has not strayed far from the fabricated, tourism bubble that has made Vanuatu such a popular destination for influencers. As someone who’s never faced a shred of adversity, Ashley has had trouble understanding why anyone would ever want to leave the island.

“Vanuatu is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL, I want to stay here forever!”

“I’m going to miss this island and all of the beautiful people here,” says Ashley, referring to the hired help, “such wonderful hospitality.”

Ashley will be going back to Vanuatu again in two weeks, only this time with a group of influencers. The trip has been reportedly been paid by a local fashion label, who have asked the group of girls to take some videos in exchange for a fully funded trip.


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