The current President of the United States has today issued some updated demands on the ‘rigged electoral system.’

Speaking from Washington DC, Donald Trump has demanded that all counting stop in some places, but also continue in some other places.

With Trump’s lead vanishing in Georgia and Pennsylvania as mail-in votes continue to pump out Biden’s initially weak numbers, his team have continued to demand all counting stop in those states, and the Electoral College votes simply be handed over to him because he got a good strong lead.

However, while he has threatened legal action in certain states and insisted the rigged system stop trying to steal the election off him, he is also insisting that counting continues in places like Arizona, where he has surprisingly come back into play.

His supporters have been chanting stop the count in Pennsylvania and chanting counting the votes in Arizona in a sign that his call to arms have been adhered to.

Biden has declared to fight any legal challenge and at this point in time, it seems like a run of the mill electoral employees are just going to keep counting the pieces of paper that are in front of them like they have done for the last few elections.

More to come.


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