The bloke in the office who was giving everyone the updates on social distancing measures and case numbers back in April, is now the guy who is keeping his whole workplace up to speed with the electoral vote count in the US election.

Eric (45) hasn’t popped his head up much in between these two historic events unfolding.

Although he did provide a rolling commentary on which US cities had the most destructive protests following the police murder of George Floyd.

Outside of simply reading the news aloud to his entire workplace, Eric doesn’t seem to really have too much of a personality, although some people do recall him burning it up on the wing during a hyper-competitive corporate touch football match a few years back.

However, for the 24-48 hours, Eric is the go-to guy if you would like someone to blandly explain who the next President of the United States will be.

“Arizona is still a bit hairy, but Fox are willing to call it” he yells, to no one in particular.

“The Democrats are almost there”

“They just have to gain 6 more electoral votes!”

“All Joe needs is Nevada!!!”

Eric is also remembered as the same bloke who back in 2014 was providing everyone with half-hourly updates on the ill-fated search for the missing MH370 aircraft.


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