The most talked-about event in the celebrity calendar, the Meta Gala has arrived!

Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Anna Wintour is welcoming the special guests to the event, which is this year themed: The Garden of Time.

Both Vogue Magazine and the Instagram discovery page are documenting every dress and every new nose, with the red carpet currently saturated with some of the world’s biggest stars in fashion, music and film.

From Zendaya to Kim Kardashian, everyone who is anyone is there! Except for the much more famous teenage K-Pop stars that Hollywood is pretending don’t exist because doing so would be to admit that South-East Asian pop music and soap operas represent a direct threat to their global cultural influence.

But it’s not just Hollywood having an existential crisis in 2024, the American music industry is also in a state of complete discombobulation. A confusion that is very much present at this year’s Gala.

While the traditionally dominant American music genre of hip hop grapples with a feminist country music revival led by the like of Beyonce and Lana Del Rey, a power vaccum has been torn open in rap music by the manhunt of alleged sex trafficker Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs – a regular Meta Gala attendee in years gone by.

Meanwhile, the next generation of artists who now make up the Old Guard of hip hop have descended into a ‘rap beef’ after a tumultuous weekend of ‘diss tracks’ between two introspective millennials.

While the war of words between Canadian former child star ‘Drake’ and the Compton short king ‘Kendrick Lamar’ is hardly as bloodthirsty the 1990s style of hip hop rivalries that would see gang-affiliated gangster rappers riddled with bullets from an extendo clip handgun pointed out the window of a Cadillac Escalade on the streets surrounding a low-tier industry magazine awards night – there is still cause for concern for both the NYPD and Met Gala security.

While neither of the rappers or their associates have officially RSVP’d for the event, organisers are not yet dismissing the possibilities of any surprise appearances, given their love of posting photos of themselves on social media.

Tighter security protocol has since been implemented to avoid the possibility of any potential drive-by bitch slaps that may arise from this rap beef, or worse yet, drive-by accusations of personal failings and/or heinous accusations of abuse.


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