The busiest man in Hollywood is currently running at full capacity, it can be confirmed today.

Jon Bernthal, who made his name internationally as ‘Shane’ from Walking Dead – before appearing in about 6 or 7 new TV shows and movies for the ten years that followed, is still in hot demand.

Streaming services say that they simply cannot keep up with the ferocious appetite that audiences have for ‘the Bernth’ – even after going as far as casting him as an Italian mob boss in the Sopranos movie, a career pivot that no one saw coming.

Netflix, Apple, Stan, Paramount+, Disney, SBS OnDemand, YouTube and Limewire all say that they are constantly fielding complaints and inquiries from furious fans who are outraged by the lack of Jon Bernthal in new content – despite the fact that he appears in about 70% of the new tv series currently dropping.

Whether he is a Georgian armageddeon fighting Zombies with shotguns, or beating small time mafia crooks in New Jersey with his bare hands, or rooting women all over LA as a bad boy Gigolo ex-con, or robbing drug dealers blind as a corrupt Baltimore cop, or telling hilarious yarns as the troubled Chicago beef sandwich patriarch – the range of Jon Bernthal keeps expanding, and thats not even mentioning all of his war and vigilante action movies.

However, it seems there is simply not enough minutes in the day for the newest Hollywood superstar to replace Jamie Foxx and Tom Hardy as every 15-60 year-old blokes favourite actor.

It is unknown if Bernthal has the chops for a Marvel film, but the only thing stopping him now is the lack of minutes in the day.

More to come.


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