The world has witnessed a world first this week, and, incredibly, it was right here in our very own Betoota region.

For the first time in human history, a sporting referee has overturned his decision because a player disagreed with it.

He even did so without being told to do so by any assistant referees or video umpires.

The incredible feat came at the hands of a social mixed touch contestant, who managed to change a call of a forward pass by making a strong and compelling argument that left the referee with no other option.

After having a try pulled back for said forward pass, the history maker apparently convinced the ref to change his call by calling him a ‘fucking idiot with shit for brains.’

Peter Parker, the local trailblazer who plays for the hilariously named Scrum and Coke, spoke to us about the historic moment.

“It was incredible,” said the local finance guy who lives to sprint as fast as he can around a middle aged mum taking a breather on the wing,” said Parker.

“I just told him he was a fucking idiot who had shit for brains and to open his fucking eyes,” he continued.

“And he said yeah, that’s so true, that wasn’t a forward pass, I’m going to actually award the try.”

“He then thanked me for helping him out and setting him on the straight and narrow.”

It’s unknown if the decision will set a precedent for the competition moving forward, with the organiser of the comp to speak on the matter tomorrow morning.

More to come.


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