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Six-foot-tall Betoota Dolphins prop, Jason Ristrome, today made the bold statement to his mates that he has mastered the ancient art of haggling after spending just two weeks in Thailand.

“Yeah, it’s a piece of piss. They reckon tourists have targets on their back, but I figured that haggling shit out in 10 minutes” declared a confident Jason.

While this may seem like quite a common claim from someone who’s just returned from Thailand, the fact that Jason thinks he has mastered it is completely laughable.

It’s understood that on his way to Thailand, on board a Tiger Airways flight, Jason purchased 9 beers at $13 a pop – not exactly the behaviours of someone who is likely to master the art of haggling in just two weeks.

The Advocate has it on good authority that Jason was far from mastering the skill.

Our Southeast Asian correspondent informed us that local vendors quickly spread the word that there was a new ‘farang’ in town who looked like he could be ripped off.

“Everyone just put up their base prices and made their kids stand at the front of the stall, he thought he was getting a good price, but they all still made a huge profit”

“One vendor reckons he sold Jason a used pair of shoes, just said they were homemade and authentic, and he lapped it up”

“Bloke reckons he’s now got enough money to feed his family for 3 months [haha]”

More to come.


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