President Trump and Joe Biden notched their first major victories of election night as news publications project that Trump will win Florida and Ohio, two battleground states that bucked the trend by voting for Obama twice before flipping back to the Republicans

But the results in most other major battleground states are still unclear with postal votes yet to come through, after a contentious campaign that was rocked by the pandemic.

However, in a bizarre twist, it looks as though Joe Biden will win Arizona and its 11 electoral votes.

The state has been heavily Republican and last backed a Democrat for the White House nearly three decades ago. However, Mr. Trump won there with just a slim 3-point margin in 2016, smaller than the nearly 10-point lead posted by decades of Republican White House hopefuls in the state.

Biden’s performance in the conservative Southern state appears to be directly linked to the disrespect shown towards the late Arizona senator John McCain.

McCain, who died in 2018, had been vocal about the issue he took with President Trump’s tendency to provoke racial tensions for political gain and rubbish historic government institutions like the CIA and NASA.

In response to these fairly measured criticisms, Trump refused to lower flags at half mast to commemorate his passing – as well as rubbishing his family at ever chance he had.

In response to this, McCain’s widowed wife and daughter have come out strong in their campaigning for Joe Biden for President.

As of last count, it seems Biden has won the state for the Democrats for the first time since LBJ.

This is a substantial swing, considering McCain had run for President against Obama in 2008 with Sarah Palin on his ticket.

In a final dig at the President, it appears John McCain has fucked Donald Trump from the grave as Arizona voters paint the map blue.



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