The current President of the United States appears to be taking the election numbers quite well, it can be confirmed this afternoon.

While Joe Biden has told supporters in a sort speech that ‘we are going to win this,’ Trump is yet to publicly appear.

As the votes flow in and the election looks too close to call for anyone apart from a few excited blokes in the social media comments sections, Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to voice his approval for the process that made him the most well-known politician in the world.

With a weird shot at the world’s Polish community who aren’t really sure what they’ve done to get a mention, Trump hit out at electoral officials for trying to steal the election off him, by counting the votes that people mailed in.

The weird late-night tweet comes as the US prepares to go to sleep without knowing who has won the election yet.

Despite the fact that he’s still in play, the President seems to be taking the close nature of the election quite well, by only vaguely insinuating that his most militant supporters should take matters into their own hands – rather than outright calling from them to do something.

“Pretty measured from him really,” said one pundit.


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