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In news out of the United States of America this morning, Florida based rapper T-Pain has asked someone to explain why he is copping so much heat on social media over the last couple of days.

The American rapper, singer and producer who is responsible for smash hit songs such as Buy You A Drank and Bartender, told our reporters this morning that he was quite confused as to why a lot of Indian Twitter accounts were abusing him.

“I’ve been inundated with tweets calling me a cheat, a flat track bully and telling me King Kohli would destroy me in next two matches,” T-Pain said to us this morning about what seems to be a case of mistaken identity.

“I mean, I’m glad that the Konvict Music Label is so popular in the subcontinent, but they keep spelling it with a ‘C’ and calling us cheats.”

“Man we hustled hard, but Akon and I aren’t cheats.”

“Who is King Kohli? And what country does he rule?”

After some questioning, the music veteran informed us that he weirdly didn’t have any knowledge of the game of cricket and wasn’t sure who Australian Captian Tim Paine or Indian Captain Virat Kohli were.

“What man? The games go for 5 days? That’s some whack shit,” said T-Pain.

“So I’ve got another month of copping heat on Twitter?”

Our reporters informed him that that was most likely the case.



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