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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today pleaded with members of the National Party to just ease up with their members for a bit.

The nation’s blokiest bloke made the call today following the announcement by Andrew Broad that he wouldn’t be contesting the next election due to the ‘Sugar Bady’ scandal.

The heartthrob from Mallee who scolded Barnaby for his own scandal earlier this year, decided not to contest the next election after details of his activity during work funded travel overseas emerged this week.

While Broad is reportedly considering making a run at becoming the next Bond in the long-running franchise, the embattled Prime Minister has asked him to rein it in until after the election.

Speaking to The Advocate this afternoon, Morrison confirmed the conversation took place.

“Look, I think I’ve told you this before, but I’m as a fair dinkum a bloke as they come right,” Morrison said.

“And I get what’s gone on. When you are strapping young rooster like Andrew, it happens sometimes, but I really need these rooting machines to keep it in their pants until mid-way through next year.”

The nation’s caretaker PM said he hopes the message got through.

“I’ve got a pretty stiff task ahead of me here, and my life’s not going to be made any easier if these swooners are making headlines during the campaign, so hopefully they just cool off a bit.”



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