Local vegan Harmony Sassafras (30) was left feeling somewhat short-changed after receiving zero unwanted opinions about her lifestyle today.

Sassafras who according to her Instagram bio is a ‘human by birth and vegan by choice’ does not usually have to try hard to hear people’s opinion on her animal product free lifestyle, but was surprised today when not one person wanted to tell her what they thought about it or even mention that they used to be vegetarian.

A vegan of ten years, Sassafras states she is delighted that people are more accepting of her lifestyle but ultimately disappointed that no one wants to argue about it anymore.

“It’s as if my work saving the planet is going unrecognised,” stated Sassafras.

“I’ve eaten all that silken fucking tofu for nothing.”

Desperate to hear some opinions before the day was done, Sassafras visited a pub in a lower socio-economic area and loudly asked if they served any vegan counter meals.

To her disappointment, she was happily directed to the salad and chips and also invited to come back in a month to try their upcoming cauliflower steak.

“People are just more accepting of vegans now. Which is great. Just great.”

In what appears to be a last-ditch effort, Sassafras was later seen talking to the person who collected her plates about crystal therapy but failed to receive anything beyond an eye-contact-free “fair enough love.”


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