An outspoken activist who has risen to prominence in her role as a barista at a popular inner-North Melbourne book shop cafe has today done her part to ensure a win for the democrats in the critical US Mid Terms.

As an avid follower of American politics, Carla Leonie (25) has today urged her 461 instagram followers, most of whom are indirectly linked to her immediate social circle and all of whom live in the same Melbourne suburb as her, to make sure they vote today.

This is, in the off-chance some of them are American citizens and can vote online… ?

No one is really sure who this is directed to.

As it currently stands, 292 out of the 435 seats have been declared, with the republicans leading by ten.

It’s these kinds of numbers that sends chills down Carla’s spine.

“Whatever you do, just get out there and vote” said Carla, to her confused followers who don’t have a say or stake in this election at all.

This follows the news that Ted Cruz has won Texas over media darling Beto O’Rourke, as well as the recent announcements that the Democratic candidate for governor in Florida, has conceded the race to Republican Ron DeSantis. That’s a heartbreak for Democrats and progressives nationally who were hoping that Florida voters would reject DeSantis’ dabbling in racist rhetoric and full embrace of Donald Trump.


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