Melbourne residents have today been reminded of yesterdays traumatising events, with some early morning earthquake aftershocks.

At roughly 5.55am this morning the city and its surrounds experienced ‘significant Magnatude aftershocks,’ after 19-year-old Brayden Simpson from Frankston decided to fire up his canon.

Letting the canon on the back of his 2001 Mitsubishi Magna purr for a few minutes while he fired off a couple of snapchats, the main seismic event was when he decided to send it around the first corner of his quiet suburban street.

Thankfully no major structural damage or injuries were recorded, with only a few broken windows and angrily woken boomers reported.

This comes as the city of Melbourne remains on high alert today, with Geo-Science experts warning that there could be significant tremors for the next little while, with the effect of the Mansfield Quake continuing to be felt.

The quake was one of the largest to ever hit the Australian mainland and led to tremors being felt as far south as Launceston in Tasmania and north into Sydney – according to a few people prone to putting a bit of sugar on their stories.

Speaking about Brayden’s aftershock this morning, one Frankston resident named Seth Williams explained that he thought history was repeating itself.

“Bro, when I felt it I thought shit here we go again,” he laughed.

“But then I just pulled the curtains back and saw it was the kid up the street letting the old Magna purr.”

“He’s done something fucked to that thing, it’s the crookest sound.”

“Ah well, kids will be kids aye. Hopefully that’s the end of it.”


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