The Blue and Gold Army have not calmed down, it can be confirmed today.

With a few days of water under the bridge since their Elimination Final loss to old foes the Penrith Panthers, it’s been revealed that the whinging has not eased one little bit.

This comes as Parramatta Eels fans continue to complain about the Panthers’ trainer’s decision to controversially stop play with the game on the line.

The trainer who has been pinged for stopping play in the past for non-injuries called on the referee to pause the game while the Eels were attacking Penrith’s line.

That halt in play came at a crucial time with the game in the balance, and the Panthers well and truly under the pump, and has resulted in a $25,000 fine for the trainer.

The Eels then failed to score any points, to lose the game 8-6, with fans going beserk about the decision which apparently cost them the game – not the fact they could only manage one try in 80 minutes of footy.

“I swear the NRL is conspiring against us man,” said local foreman and Parra diehard Adam Gibson today, after a gentle sledge from one of his colleagues.

“It’s fucked, every year they do everything they can to stop us winning a premiership,” continued the man who started supporting the Eels during the glory days and has tasted nothing but bitter disappointment since.

“It’s cause they want these other shitty clubs to do well and make more money for the league, it’s bullshit.”

“They may as well have given the game to the Panthers, I don’t even know why we bothered playing,” said the fan of a team whose premiership window has very much slammed shut.

“Fucking bullshit. You can all get fucked. I’m not watching the rest of the season.”

He then stormed off to yell at some demo labourer for no real reason.

More to come.


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