A new trend that may have originated from TikTok is sweeping the state of NSW and it seems that no one is safe.

The trend involves people who are completely and totally innocent leaving their jobs for no real reason at all.

Known as the Righteous Resignation, the trend is especially pronounced in NSW politics claiming the careers of a state premier and two deputies and who knows how many more by the time you’ve read this sentence.

Although some pesky “journalists” have pointed towards the allegations of potential corruption the recently resigned pollies are currently under investigation for as proof they might have done something wrong, the politicians themselves have denied that so case closed.

People from other occupations have been encouraged to get in on the resignation trend including real estate agents, debt collectors, parking inspectors, burglars, real estate agents, telemarketers, mobile speed camera operators, and real estate agents. 

Unfortunately, the NSW government has stated no more sitting MPs will be getting in on this trend.


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