Prime Minister Albanese is under fire this week from the sons and daughters of fishing and boating enthusiasts, for teaching their dads the term ‘offshore wind’.

This comes as the Federal Government today declared is moving ahead with renewable offshore wind generation, following passage of its Climate Change Bill through the lower house on Thursday,

The legislation, which passed 89-55 votes, will enshrine Labor’s 43 per cent 2030 emissions reduction target into law, along with the net zero by 2050 goal.

However, as positive as this news is for the future of the planet, the recent string of headlines and press conferences centred around ‘offshore wind’ has caused great personal greivances in the coastal and river suburbs around Australia.

Down on Lake Betoota today, local dad Lenny Nugent (65) has debuted his first crack at an ‘offshore wind’ related gag.

While yarning to his adult children in the tinnie just after lunch, Lenny’s face suddenly changed as he felt a rumbling in his pants.

The amatuer comedian immediately put down his rod for a second, and tilted his arse on the steel seating of the dinghy to leverage the ultimate echo.

“Oi Albo” shouts the old man, to now one in particular.

“I heard you wanna save the planet ha ha ha”

His kids sigh, knowing that their dad is about to drop what they can already tell will be the lamest joke since he bought a carton of Coronas in May 2020 and declared himself patient zero for the ‘coronavirus’.

“How’s this for ya offshire wind Albo” shouts Lenny, with a raspy giggle already bellowing under his breath, before letting one rip.

His tortured offspring sigh as dad roars into laughter.

“WHAT?!” he asks, between cackles.

“Just doin my bit for the environments ha ha ha ha”

The government will now begin a 60-day consultation process to develop wind farms off the coast of Gippsland in Victoria.

The Star of the South proposal is the government’s first priority. Climate Minister Chris Bowen said the project could generate enough power to meet the energy needs of 1.2 million households or 20 per cent of Victoria’s requirements.

But Lenny reckons that he could power the entire state with one night out at a Mexican joint ha ha ha.


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