In a surprisingly rare social scenario that is definitely not common, a local South African ex-pat has today shown that he is unable to take a slight ribbing.

Sebastian Stransky, a 25-year-old saffa who resides in the deep suburban abyss of Betoota Downs, has today cracked the shits over what most of his mates would describe as barely nuthin.

This tantrum is particularly notable, given Sebastian’s proven competencies in dishing it out.

Today’s mild roasting appears to have touched a few sore spots for the popular small business owner, as his social circle directed their sledging towards him for less than fifteen minutes.

Starting with a few digs at his new haircut, the banter eventually developed into accusations that he cheats in golf.

Initially Sebastian just went quiet, occasionally commenting that his mates were shit blokes that had shit chat.

However, it soon became evident that there was potential for him to lose his famously short Boer temper. This projection soon became somewhat of target for his mates.

The claims that the Springboks had cheated in the 1995 rugby world cup, which took place on the year of his birth and is something that most people would not expect him to be too emotionally, was the final straw.

At time of press, Sebastian was telling his mates that he doesn’t even know why he bothers even calling them friends, and that he shouldn’t have to put up with this shit because his family used to live like kings in Jo-Berg before they migrated.

He also stated that Australians are just like the British but less entrepreneurial and generally uninspiring. This very South African response to a bit of banter did not turn out well for him.


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