Local dad Jett Muller (73) has today had enough with his son acting like he knows what real Aussie rock is.

After learning that his son and his mates can all recite every single lyric to Daryl Braithwaite’s The Horses, the semi-retired real estate agent is beginning to worry that they are under the impression that that is all his generation had to offer.

According to Jett, his son Sandy (23) would honestly be able to name four pre-Powderfinger Aussie rock bands.

“I reckon he’d obviously know Chisel because he’s a tradesman, which means he listens to Triple M” says Jett, smirking at Sandy’s lack of exposure to the glorious 70s/80s Aussie rock scene.

“Maybe he knows the Screaming Jets as well because he supports the Newcastle Knights”

“And I’d say he knows Australian Crawl because he smoked quite a lot in high school… But that would honestly be it. His taste in Aussie rock is purely dictated by radio play”

After years of shit talk about how his mates love playing to ‘the old stuff’ at their 21sts, the old man has today cracked the shits and demanded his son bring the laptop to him.

“How can you say you know Daryl Braithwaite when you don’t know Sherbet?!” he asks his son.

“You shoulda seen the discos when these guys were on the charts” he says with the rarely seen twinkle of a party boy in his eyes.

“He’s had a lot more hits than that one song you play at your 21sts”

In an effort to drill his point home, Jett then began educating Sandy with the YouTube video clip of ‘Magazine Madonna’ – a song he says could have very well be playing the night his son was conceived.

“Real babymaking music”

As his son begins to recoil in horror, Jett demands his son listens to some of Daryl’s other gear like Howzat and One Summer.


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