As society adjusts to the ‘new normal’, which apparently involves long lines in airports and people actually taking sick leave, there are still remnants of lockdown lingering in our kitchens.

Notably, an enigmatic bag of risoni pasta that was purchased in a 2020 pre-lockdown panic serves as a reminder of what a strange time we have lived through.

It also serves as a reminder that risoni is a rather unusual and relatively useless pasta that was only purchased because there was no other pasta on the shelf.

Made to resemble rice, risoni (or orzo) is a short cut pasta usually made from flour and almost always resulting in a meal that makes you say “I should have just used rice.”

Although some people do enjoy risoni, even they can admit that the tiny uncanny pasta seeds reheat with the palatability of a mouthful of Sardinian maggot cheese.

“What am I going to do with this?” mused Katherine Brent as she looked at the bag of pasta she purchased the week Scotty was going on about restrictions regarding barre classes.

“Also, what even is it?”


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