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One of the greatest rugby players of the modern era has weighed into the debate surround Israel Folau this morning, from the side.

Former All Blacks captain and World Cup Hero, Richie McCaw, walked up to two punters in Dunedin just after 10am who were enjoying a spirited discussion over the sacked Wallaby fullback, joined the chat from the side.

“Oh, I think you’re wrong there, chief,” laughed McCaw.

The two men enjoying the chat turn to Richie and were instantly starstruck.

“Holy shut! Whot the heick are you doing here, Rutchie?” said one of the men.

“Sorry for enterung from the side, boyos. But I thunk you’ll find GoFundMe is un the right hur. I’m a Chrustian, too, you know and I thunk Uzrail is being a dieuckheed right now. He needs to piull hus heed un!”

“Thets just my two cents, unyway.”

And with that, Richie left the discussion from the rear before diving over the next Israel Folau discussion down the road.

More to come.


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