Australian TV audiences were up past their bedtime last night watching yet another riveting edition of ABC’s Q&A – complete with nameless fringe-cabinet MPs from both the ALP and Liberal Party.

Once again the political class butted heads over weird culture wars issues that would never be two-sided unless they were debated by carefully selected panellists. Including one ‘people’s panellist’ who spent his 15 minutes of fame trying to validate the incel movement.

One issue that appeared to bring a rush of blood to the Minister For Education’s crotch was Israel Folau’s dismissal from Australian Rugby over using Instagram to promote religious homophobia.

Dan Tehan MP, took delight in positioning the Folau issue as evidence that Australia needs to take action on religious freedom, because as a lifelong public servant, this is the type of thing he thinks the average Australian cares about.

Prominent LGBTI activist Sally Rugg said Folau’s comments were fucked and probably not helping vulnerable and confused kids.

The panel then spent an necessary amount of time discussing the rights of a concussion-ridded ‘sportsball’ star who only really had roughly 18 months left in his athletic career anyway.

Between the inane audience applauses between each soundbite, one thing that became clear was that none of the nerds on the panel even know the difference between AFL, rugby league, or rugby union – including the people’s panellist, who came across as more of a indoor mountain climbing kinda guy.

After it became clear that Folau has played all three codes at some point in his career, the programming took a brief break while all members of the panel picked up their iPhones to google what sport they were actually talking about.

“Got it” said Labor MP Catherine King.

“Apparently he plays rugby union. Which I believe is similar to rugby league but mostly played by private schoolers and kiwis”

The entire room went silent, before an audience member raised their hand and posed the most important question of the evening.

“Why are we evening talking rugby union? Like, I don’t think Australia is even going to make it out of pool stages when we play Uruguay in the World Cup”

The questioner received a ten minute standing ovation before Tony Jones indicated that he will be taking it as a comment.


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