New South Wales’ Parliament is in a state of disarray this morning, as the Liberals and Nationals frantically move to pick up the pieces from a big weekend.

With the bombshell news that the Premier would be resigning after allegations of corruption, her Deputy has also announced that he will be stepping down.

John Barilaro, the leader of the Nationals revealed over the weekend that he would be leaving parliament as a result of ‘public life taking a toll.’

The man who sues YoutTube comedians claims he isn’t standing down as a result of common corruption, or inappropriate conduct, or to pursue a federal seat.

Barilaro said that now was the right time to hand over the Nationals leadership, a political move that hasn’t been seen in recent memory.

Barilaro claimed that the legal action he started against a comedian who was asking questions about the actions of a publicly elected and funded figure has really worn him down.

However, given his desire to blow governments up over Koala Policy and his desire to grab media attention wherever he can, it’s been revealed that it’s a rather strange move for one of the most politically ambitious people in the state.

In fact, it’s probably dodgier than resigning for actual allegations of corruption which are all too common for state politicians, particularly in NSW.

Quite odd really, unless there’s more stuff to come out in the next little while.

More to come.


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