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Three o’clock means it’s tool down for one local soon-to-be tech unicorn.

A click of the buzzer sends the door of their garage office down, another day chalked up in the win column.

“Just these, bro,” they group said as they clanged three six-packs of Furphy down on the bottleshop counter.

“Do you take Amex, brother?”

The Gelded Seahorse takes Amex, leaving their Velocity Visa card untouched.

With a vortex in hand, they shuffled down to Machattie Park in the French Quarter to have a few ‘cold suds’ and a toss of the old screamin’ pigskin.

“Go long, bro, I’m gonna send it!” yelled the one in the black shirt.

“Ah! [laughs] Hold up, bro. Let me get out there!”

Looking down at the Vortex to check his grip, making sure it was just like he learned from watching the Tom Brady tutorials on YouTube, he looked back up as his target and sent it.

Our reporter, who was in the park trying to stop Martin Overell (stepson of The Advocate’s editor Clancy Overell) from leaving bits of poisoned meat around for dogs to eat again, could only watch as the Vortex took flight.

The line of the throw was OK but the length was very short.

“Bro, the wind,” said the one who threw it.

The pride continued to throw the Vortex obnoxiously and drink next to a playground.

A ranger tried to tell the boys off but they knew the ranger had no real power to make them do anything, so they told him to fuck off.

More to come.


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