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The former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has travelled to Melbourne today to make amends with a homeless man he gave money to just over three years ago.

Malcolm spoke to The Advocate this afternoon via telephone where he explained that his run of bad luck begun around the same time that happened.

“It’s like how those boorish Americans take stones from Uluru or the Olgas,” he said.

“Then they run into some bad luck and end up having to post the stones back,”

“This is my Uluru stone. I had to go back to Melbourne and make it up to this man.”

Malcolm said he spent most of today walking around Melbourne, getting thumbs up from some, getting heckled by others.

Around lunch time, he found the man.

“I apologised to him and said I’d come to make amends with him,” said Malcolm.

“He was rather confused but I assure you it was the right man. I never forget a face. After we chatted for a bit, I gave him my old Opal card. It’s got about $60 on it. I think, it’s been a while since I’ve used it! [laughs],”

“It’s not like I need it anymore. I hope the man gets some good use out of it. It’s been with me for years and it’s certainly been on some adventures. Like the time I went to Gosford! [shudders] Never again!”

The Advocate attempted to find the homeless man at the centre of Malcolm’s quest for redemption but have yet to locate him.

More to come.


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