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Vegan protestors have caused havoc around the country again this afternoon.

Pubs across the nation are currently in crisis mode after a number of protestors chained themselves to their Buck Hunter machines.

The activism immediately followed the announced that Labor would be supporting the government’s new agricultural protection bill – known colloquially as the ‘vegan terrorists’ bill.

Buck Hunter, or Big Buck Hunter is an arcade game in pubs whereby blokes named Jayden and Shayne compete to drop large deer to score points.

The nature of the game has today seen them, and the owners of the pubs they are in, come under fire.

This latest round of protests and disruptions comes after protests earlier this year stall CBD traffic across the country and activists invaded a large number of farms.

The grassroots activism has taken hold in the Diamantina Shire, with a protestor chained to one machine in the Betoota Heights Tavern this afternoon.

Yelling at The Advocate this evening, Indigo Waterson-Smith, a Brunswick local studying at Betoota University, told us that she won’t rest until animal abuse in all its forms, stops.

“What happens here, in this spot, it murder,” yelled the young lady.

“And I’m not leaving until the pub promises to stop the slaughter of virtual deer.”

She then began the next part of her rant but the overpowering smell of essential oils was too much and we had to head back to the other side of the pub.

It’s believed nearly 100 other pubs across the country are currently managing a similar scenario.

More to come.


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