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In entertainment news today, a new movie has been announced casting Christopher Walken in an exciting new role.

That role will be in the 2020 release College Dad, where Walken will play a bored single dad who moves across the road from his son’s new College.

The 76-year-old American actor, famous for his dark and sinister roles in a variety of movies has confirmed that he’ll be stepping out of his comfort zone for this next highly anticipated flick.

Co-starring Zac Effron as Walken’s 19-year-old son who is still be cast as a teenager for some reason, the movie is billed as a feel-good comedic story about the repairing of a damaged father-son relationship and a bit of a coming of age movie.

Walken spoke exclusively with The Advocate today as part of his press junket explaining that he’s very excited to play a new style of character after roughly half a century in the game.

“I’m excited to not have to play a sinister nasty figure, who speaks in short sentences and does nasty things to people as has been the norm of the last few decades,” said Walken.

“I mean I do still have a dark side in this film, but it’s more about my drinking rather than my actions as an underworld figure, so it should be good.”


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