A new one of those liveability index studies has been released today, and its findings regarding the City of Sydney make for damning reading.

The nationwide study confirmed the long-held belief amongst many, that the Republic of Sydney is, in fact, the worst city in Australia, with only one of its suburbs making it into the Top 100 Most Liveable Suburbs in the country.

The study assessed a number of factors associated with employment, cost of living, cultural and sporting opportunities, nightlife and recreation and infrastructure and services.

Evaluating all of these complex factors, it was confirmed that the southern metropolis’ most liveable suburb, was indeed Wollongong.

“The beaches, the lack of traffic, the ability to have a couple of beers after 10 pm, the sporting and cultural scene all contributed to the finding,” said the lead researcher.

“We discussed for quite some time whether the affront to modern health that is the fast-food joint Chikos made the city more or less liveable, but in the end, it was still miles ahead of any of the other suburbs in Sydney.”

When asked why they didn’t categorise Wollongong as it’s own stand-alone city, the researcher explained that they just needed to find something positive to say about Sydney.

“Besides, it takes almost as long to get to the North Gong Hotel for beer in the evening as it does to get to a fair chunk of Sydney’s Northern, Western and Southern Regions anyway.”


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