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Senator Pauline Hanson has lashed out at the hooded youths who’ve been climbing up on the roof of her beloved Goodna RSL today, saying they’re disrespecting her heritage and culture by doing so.

The Little Aussie Battler refused to accept the idea that the club was ‘just a club’ – and that the hooded youths and other miscreants of the night who choose to ignore the signs at the base of the RSL asking people not to climb up on the roof are causing her to feel marginalised.

Speaking in the Senate this afternoon, Hanson called for people in the community to wake up and show respect.

“How dare they,” said Pauline in her trademark ‘almost-crying’ tone of voice.

“These little bastards are ignoring the signage telling them that the Goodna RSL and its roof is a sacred sight for the One Nation peoples and climbing up on top of it is disrespectful to our culture.”

Greens leader Richard Di Natale slumped back in his seat and sighed – then violently head-butted his desk.

“They go up there and desecrate that roof with their spray cans. They throw rocks at passing cars and smoke drugs with can bongs. It’s disgusting. We’ve even found alcohol, urine and used condoms up there. It’s so foul.”

Senate President Scott Ryan then turned off Senator Hanson’s microphone before moving discussion on to the next order.

More to come.


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