After an awful couple years, Melbourne has today exited its sixth lockdown, after reaching the 70% milestone of people aged over 16 in Victoria have received two doses of the jab.

As of today, school students will return to class part-time, fully jabbed people will be able to visit hairdressers and other beauty salons, and groups will be able to gather outdoors in larger numbers and have visitors in the homes.

The 5km travel limit has also been eased within the city, and restrictions are even more relaxed for regional Victoria.

However, after nearly 300 days in lockdown, the most tangible freedom in the city with no views is the re-opening of pubs and restaurants.

As of midnight last night, Melbourne’s favourite watering holes are now open for limited numbers indoors and outdoors – with millions of residents rushing to their local glass canoe dealership to take in a long awaited pint of amber.

Local Melbourne man, Roy Fitz (30) says he’s so excited he can barely contain himself.

“I’m knock off it 2:30” he says.

“Bit of an early mark. But I think my boss appreciates that I don’t want to spend freedom day with my colleagues”

“In fact, I don’t even wanna spend it with my mates”

“That first pint is gonna be between me and the glass. No one else”

As Roy points out, he’s had enough of his mates over the last few weeks with these stupid little picnics – and while he’s got plans to meet up with them later tonight… He’s gonna hit the rubber dub by himself for a few solo beers.

“Just wanna take it all in ya know”

“I would hate to spoil my first jar back by talking the whole way through it”


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