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A cheerful Scott Morrison fronted the media this morning with the hopes of putting all the unpleasantness of the past two years behind him and his government.

However, the issue of said government blocking the inquiry into who funded former Attorney-General Christian Porter’s legal fight against the ABC and esteemed journalist Louise Milligan is still dogging the Prime Minister.

After taking some spirited backslaps from Qantas Chief Alan Joyce today in Sydney, the Prime Minister said he wanted to put this whole blind trust issue to bed.

“Look,” said a visible annoyed Scott Morrison to the female journalist who brought the issue up.

“We blocked the inquiry because if the public knew who funded it, our heads would be on pikes by sundown. Do you need to know anything more? Parliament House would burn and someone like General Peter Cosgrove or Vice Admiral Michael Noonan would have to delcare martial law and form some sort of interim government until everything calmed down a bit,”

“Aside from my colleagues in The Greens, who’d be right beside us in terms of pike, nobody wants that. We aren’t the bloody French, which is something my government has made patently clear recently,”

“But, people in NSW will be able to go to Singapore from next week so lets just move on.”

More to come.


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