As she absentmindedly chews at a loose piece of skin next to her thumb, a nervous Selena Roberts flips her phone over for the seventh time that hour.

She keeps telling herself not to freak out, that her boyfriend is likely playing video games or watching some dumb shit on YouTube, but she always feels that little bit suspicious.

Especially because her boyfriend has failed to respond to her text asking what he was up to. Selena knows deep down that she can’t feel anxious every time her boyfriend fails to immediately respond, and that yes, she desperately needs to find herself a hobby… but that’s not going to stop her from finding out what the fuck is going on.

She briefly considers sending her strongest weapon, the pleading eye emoji, when she remembers there is one way she can see if her boyfriend is deliberately ignoring her – his Snapchat score.

This, of course, would have required premeditation on Selena’s part, even a screenshot of say, his Snapchat score from yesterday.

But Selena doesn’t need that. She’s got that shit memorised. Hovering her finger over the app, Selena tries to ignore the niggling feeling that she’s acting like a complete and utter psychopath when her boyfriend finally comes through with a monosyllabic ‘nm, u?’

Breathing a sigh of relief that a potential argument has now been avoided, Selena decides to see what chicks he’s following on Instagram instead.

More to come.


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