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Cailyn Burton, an aspiring French-Japanese fusion chef from Betoota Hills, was eager to show her family the final dish she prepared for Master Chef’s elimination round, however, she is tonight realising that her entire storyline has been cut from the show.

At the beginning of tonight’s episode, celebrity chef George Calombaris made an untruthful announcement saying that Cailyn had to leave the show due to the tragic death of her pet budgerigar, Boris, who had been with her family for years.

The Advocate sat down with Cailyn and her family to see if they had any idea why the producers would cut short her storyline, especially as they knew she was getting eliminated at the end of the episode.

“I have no idea, we didn’t leave on bad terms…George even said he would offer me a job!” said a confused and teary Cailyn.

“A paid one too apparently.”

While it may seem like a mystery to poor Cailyn, after reaching out to the show’s producers The Advocate can confirm that she was cut for being too normal.

“Yeah, she had to go” said one of the shows representatives.

“We need contestants to say how the show has helped them, make it seem like we empowered them.”

“You know, all that ‘have the confidence to do my own thing now’ shit each contestant spins after they get the boot?”

“It’s all bullshit, we force them to say that”


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