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In breaking news, The Advocate has found a family who’ve managed to halve their sugar intake without spending thousands on a nutritionist or a dietician.

Excitingly, Beverley Arthur, mother of Jake, Tyson and Emeelee, says that it’s something anyone can do.

“You won’t believe it, but it’s so easy to tell if a product is full of sugar or not”

“You literally have to just read the packet”

“I can’t believe no one has told people this before”

“You see on the news that all these groups are blowing up because businesses are making their product packaging look healthy, like putting apples on there.”

“But that’s not really the problem, it’s the idiots not reading the packet, I know that now.”

“And I’m allowed to call them idiots because I used to be one.”

This discovery has come at quite a fortuitous time for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry after the Public Health Prevention Conference all but declared war on the industry in a bid to stop Australians being such fatties.

For the past few days, the country’s best minds have been putting together a plan to prevent Australians from being so obese, perhaps the cheapest and most effective option is just teaching people how to read the packet.

More to come.


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