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Anita Cruz has shown her worst side today after attempting to steal the thunder of her best friend’s upcoming wedding.

Not one to shy away from attention, Anita the little psychopath uploaded yet another throwback album to her special day, which was over a year ago. 

Sources close to Anita have revealed that she couldn’t deal with the limelight being on another bride, especially not when there are still 500 unseen photos from the day. 

The Advocate managed to sit down with Anita and chat about her post big day bridezilla moment. 

“Hmm? I don’t know what you’re talking about” she lied.

“Ok, ok, I just needed the endorphin hit”

“Everyone was talking about Bella’s wedding and I got sick of it, did they forget the amazing time they had at my wedding”

“I also have so many photos that people haven’t seen, people love looking at my wedding photos.”

While Anita might believe that people like looking at her wedding photos, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Advocate can confirm that no one likes looking at wedding photos as much as the bride.

With Bella’s wedding just over a week away, we hope that Anita can let go of her jealousy and just be happy for her best friend.

More to come.


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