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Another humid Monday night means Australia’s favourite panel show is back on the airwaves.

Tonight, yet another panel made up of the ageing bourgeois will attempt to solve one of our nation’s problems – this time around, it’s the Townsville floods and the devastating effects that rain event had on the local cattle industry.

So in anticipation for the Monday night inner-city leftie smorgasbord of entertainment on the ABC, a Betoota Heights man has thrown his television out of his second story window.

Speaking to The Advocate while surveying the damage done to his gravel driveway, Conor Spears said he didn’t want to run the risk of being exposed to Q&A tonight.

“You just know that Tony Jones will begin with some indulgent monologue, then each of the panellists will basically be rail-roaded into doing the same thing,” he said.

“Then, those same people will try to tell the government what to do about all those dead cows and the water-damaged houses and businesses of Townsville. Another 60 minutes of hot air and gotcha questions,”

“To prevent being exposed to that type of thing, I’ve just thrown this out of that window up there. My partner and other housemate love having it on in the background while they go about their evening business but I just can’t take it anymore. I’m through!”

Just has Conor threw his hands up to punctuate the end of his last comment, his partner pulled into the driveway to see him and our reporter conversing over a smashed Samsung television.

Rather than ask what in the blue fuck was going on, she opted to reverse back out and drive away.

More to come.


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