With just under a month until a low-key family brunch, mum has today admitted to the fact that she really hasn’t given it much thought.

“A bit of seafood could be a good idea” she says.

“Mind you, that’s more a Christmas thing, isn’t it?”

“Well actually, our family has always done the traditional turkey lunch”

Mum also needs to get cracking on informing the eight different family members who will be present at lunch that it’s worth putting in for a day of work in between ANZAC Day and Easter, and has even insinuated that some of them might be interested in her dream scenario of having the entire family stay under the same roof for a whole week.

“We’ve got plenty of beds, I’ll set up the trundle and Kyle (33-year-old son) and Kel (son’s 33-year-old girlfriend) can sleep in the garage maybe”

“Should we go somewhere. The picnic spot we did a few years back wasn’t too bad (Minnippi Parlkands, 2009)”

Actually, she can’t really talk about this right now because she’s expecting a Skype call with her youngest living in Perth in about about two hours.

“I think she’s got a flight booked. I’m not entirely sure, but she said something like that the other day (January 2nd, 2019).

But yeah, she really needs to get cracking on Easter. She’ll ring around over the next few days to see what everyone’s thinking.


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