Every man and his dog is reportedly rushing home from work to fire up the mower after South-East Queensland received more than 150 millimetres in the 24 hours up to Monday morning.

Local authorities have identified the dark plumes of two-stroke exhaust currently hovering above Brisbane’s CBD as an ‘eye of the storm’ rush for lawn management.

With max temperatures predicted to be around 31 for the next few days, it is not lost of suburban lawnsmen that this is absolutely prime weather for the grass to bump up a couple inches.

One local man caught in back-to-back traffic on Coro’ Drive spoke to our reporters earlier, after taking an earlier mark from work to get back home and mow the bastard.

“I’m hearing another ten, twenty mils in the next few days. I’ve gotta get moving” said 42-year-old Ash Grove, while holding his hand firmly square on the car horn.

“Keep it moving fuck ya!” he shouts at the stationary traffic jam.

This comes as Tropical Cyclone Trevor formed off the north Queensland coast last night, and is currently about 500 kilometres north of Cairns on Monday morning.

Wyaralong Dam, in the Scenic Rim region, saw 175 millimetres fall since 9am on Sunday and the Gold Coast Seaway recorded 159 millimetres.

Experts predict a spike in 2nd-hand mower sales over the next 48 hours, as households around the country remember that they should have it fixed after the last mow.


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