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The producers of Married At First Sight have been urged to pat themselves on the back this afternoon by a Betoota Heights city worker after he eventually came around to the program last night.

Just seven days ago, Samuel Coleman, a local IT worker who constantly receives back pats from his friends and family for clearly punching above his weight, said that the reality television programme was ‘for the brain dead’ and ‘people who watch it ought to just give up now and donate their organs to somebody who’ll put them to better use’ – but he’s recently changed his tune.

In the space of a week, the 28-year-old has gone from begrudgingly watching the show with his fiancè, Mabel, to being an out-and-loud supporter of the show.

Speaking candidly to The Advocate this morning through a haze of vape clouds, Samuel said it wasn’t until last night that he saw the show for what it actually is.

“I used to think this show was just exploitation,” he said.

“They [Channel 9] found people who have brains blowing more blue smoke than a fourth-hand Facebook Marketplace whipper snipper and put them on the television so people with a similar mental defect can watch it and feel superior to them,”

“Honestly, you can hear the dull hum of old Kerry turning in his grave at a steady 2000 rpm when you drive through Scone these days. Some of the shit Channel 9 has on now is very crook.”

But as he continued on, our reporter prodded him for the moment he decided that the show was worth watching.

“That’s why I think the producers deserve a pat on the back,” he said.

“Any sane producer would’ve let that c-bomb that that ambivalent juicehead dropped, on the cutting room floor. But no, they kept it in. Genius,”

“And pairing him up with Aileen Wuornos was another stroke of genius. I take my hat off to them, they’ve converted me.”

“Plus, what else am I going to do? Play sport like some chad?!”

Our interview was cut short by Coleman who saw a flash advertisement for MAFS on a television behind us.

“So many of these chicks have fake titties hehe” he said

More to come.


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