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A Sports Editor at one of Murdoch’s esteemed Australian publication’s has been told to find work elsewhere today.

The man in charge of the back page was hauled over the coals by the paper’s Editor this morning after a story on the round ball game somehow managed to slip through the cracks.

After the huge breach of a protocol and editorial policy, the paper’s Editor explained that the Head of Sports simply had to go.

“It’s unacceptable,” explained the fuming Editor.

“With all the Rugby League scandals going on, the Big Bash, the UFC in Australia and so on, I honestly have no idea how a soccer story managed to get real estate on a back page.”

“I didn’t look over the back page the night before because I trusted that everyone was across company policy on this issue- but evidently not.”

“A soccer story shouldn’t be within 5 pages of the back.”

“We’ve been inundated with complaints, and it’s been made clear by upstairs that it’s his head or mine.”

The Sports Editor in question spoke briefly with The Advocate from the landline at his home.

“Yeah, I fucked up,” he sighed.

“I wasn’t really thinking, and we were flat out with the layout that I must have just put the strap about the Matildas across the top.”

“A strap that could have been used to run a story about an NRL player’s rehab or a horse trainer’s comments on some new runner.”

“Oh well, time to get on Seek and try and find a comms role with some sports organisation I guess.”


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