Local hospital orderly, Curtis Shayler (32) has today undermined the entire Far West Queensland justice system, from the courts right down to the police on the roads.

Having lost his licence for blowing three-times the legal limit on his way to work last November, Curtis has made it is goal in life to ensure no other citizens should experience the inconvenience he has come to know at the hands of the ‘revenue razing dogs’.

While travelling on the bus to work this afternoon from his home in the outer suburbs of Betoota’s light industrial Flight Path District, Curtis saw something that made him see red.

It was an RBT.

Set up just past the Birdsville Development Road turn-off onto Dairy Flats road.

Without a moment to waste, Curtis took to social media to inform his extended family and other Facebook friends that there was a state-sanctioned debt collection operation set up on the way into town.

“RBT on Dairy Flats RD ,,, Dont LEt Them Get You Too. Revenue Razing Dogs Woof Woof !!!” he wrote, into the most public community group he could find.

Despite the fact that not one member of Betoota Buy/Swap/Sell appears to have made the effort to thank Curtis for his vigilance, his post has managed to garner 16 likes and two love heart reactions – resulting in quite a few notifications.

Constable Rick Rosa from the Betoota South police station says citizens like Curtis are nothing but a backwards slide in his mission for safe roads in greater Betoota.

“This goes all the way to the top. We have a judge on salary who’s not getting any work because of people like Curtis”

“We just spent $20,000 setting up that RBT for the week and now everyone knows its there”

“It’s really hard to catch drink drivers on a Monday afternoon when you’ve got people like Curtis working against us”


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