Our local government has today announced a brand new initiative to try and improve community safety.

The Betooota Municipal Council has revealed a ‘Think Of Your Female Relatives’ Safety Campaign to try and prevent incidents of violence against women in the community.

The initiative comes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday confirmed that he was seemingly only able to see how bad sexual assault was after a conversation with his wife – who told him to think about the events in the context of his daughters.

While his comments about the alleged sexual assault inside parliament house and subsequent lack of support to the young woman have drawn the ire of people around the country, here in the Diamantina, it’s resulted in a new safety initiative being rolled.

The program will feature signs in dimly lit areas where women feel unsafe, imploring men not to commit violent and sexually violent acts, on behalf of their female relatives.

“Following in the footsteps of the man elected to lead our country, we are chucking up signs urging people not to do things by relating them to their family members,” said the council spokesperson today.

“We are hoping that predators in our area see the signs and have empathy for women – because they are important to a man in our community.”

“Given our Prime Minister has shone a light on the issue that there are plenty of people who don’t have empathy for victims unless they can relate it to their own personal circumstances – we want to try and shine a light on these signs and convince men not to commit these horrific crimes.”

The spokesperson revealed that because we are a safe Nationals electorate the funds for the new initiative wouldn’t be coming from the Community Safety Fund (which is designed for things like this), as it had no political benefit for Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

More to come.


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