The NRL All-Stars round is set to dazzle audiences with First Nations flair before the whistle even blows this weekend!

That’s according to the Māori All-Stars, who are reportedly going to kick the game off with a stunning rendition of the early ‘80s classic Slice of Heaven.

The cult Pasifika banger that accompanied the Footrot Flats film has since become a world recognised tune that middle-aged parents and boomers love a little dance to, and put the Kiwi reggae on the musical map.

Even New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has apparently personally signed off on the plan to bring Dave Dobbyn and The Herbs to Townsville Stadium on Saturday night.

“My word, if young Ponga rips that harmonica solo it could take the game to another level,” said excited Rugby League commentator Ray Warren.

“Benji on the sax as well! This will be an exciting way to get the mana pumping before kick off”

According to Māori All Stars five-eighth Jarome Luai, the idea of the performance came when their training bags accidentally got swapped at an airport with the luggage belonging to an orchestral brass section from Townsville Grammar.

“We thought, why not? Clearly, it’s meant to be,” said Luai before responsibly clearing the spit valve on his new trumpet.

“This track is meeeaaaann G”

With the Māori All Stars now bringing both a Haka and a reggae ballad to the pre-match fanfare, it is not yet known whether the Indigenous side will pull together an additional performance to follow up their Indigenous War Dance.

Early reports suggests Latrell Mitchell was spotted learning the lyrics to Yothu Yindi’s ‘Treaty’ in the car park of QLD Country Bank Stadium.

However, All Stars insiders say that Cody Walker has his heart set on ‘Bad Apples’ by Briggs.

David Fifita is reportedly very interested in performing the Torres Strait favourite ‘My Island Home’.



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